How to Play

PLAYING COLOR MASTER HD Watch the video to see how to play Color Master HD. (00:59 sec)   PLAYING THE RGB MODE For better understanding the RGB mode, please see the video below: (00:46 sec)

The Game

Color Master HD is a fun game where you combine colors to find the target color. The most difficult a mode is, the higher points you get.

And in the RGB mode you will find hundreds of levels to challenge you!


BEGINNER (Free) – Only Primary colors (Yellow, Red and Blue)

INTERMEDIATE (Free) – Mix Primary and Secondary colors (+ Orange, Green and Purple) according to the color wheel

MASTER (Unlock) – Mix all Primary and Secondary colors among themselves, which means you must know (or guess?) from where bown’ish nuances come from!


RGB Modes (Unlock) – Forget every thing you know about colors. You are now to mix them as your computer would do it! You mix shades of Red, Green and Blue to get all existing colors! It is difficult but you can bail up to 3 colors out per level, so you will eventually get there.

Every day you get 9 new bails for free, but if you can’t wait that long, you are welcome to purchase extra bail. The larger bail-package you purchase, the cheaper they get.


We dare you to get it right!


By purchasing “UNLOCK” you get rid of ads and gain access to all modes: both current ones and those that we will gradually added!

What is RGB?

RGB color model,

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. RGB is an additive model that mixes, red, green and blue lights in different shading. The different combinations generate a vast array of colors and is used mostly when producing images through electronic devices.

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